With summer fast approaching we decided that it was a hot time (pun!) to put together a new list of energy-saving tips for the hot weather to come. The 10 that we have here for you are some of the best we know and can actually save you quite a bit of money if you use them. We hope you enjoy them and of course that you have a wonderful summer.

  1. If your home is over 20 years old and you’ve never replaced the air-conditioning unit it may well be high time to do just that. Simply put, the newer models that are being made today are much more energy efficient and much cheaper to run than anything made 20 years ago. That being said, if you rarely use your air-conditioning because you’re in an area of the country that doesn’t get extremely high heat you can probably hold onto it a bit longer.
  2. During the hot summer months you would be best to not use your oven in the house as it will warm up your kitchen and other rooms greatly, straining your air-conditioning and increasing your energy bill. A better bet is to use the microwave or the barbecue grill. If you are going to be using the oven consider using it in the morning before the heat of the day increases too much.
  3. If your home doesn’t have a programmable digital thermostat it’s time to get one. The simple fact of the matter is that a programmable thermostat is one of the best investments that you can make to save on your energy bills because it will run the air conditioning for you and keep the house and a level temperature all day long without you having to check and change it all day long.
  4. Unless you live in an area where the heat of the day is extreme you should give your air conditioning a break and use a ceiling fan or an attic fan to keep your house cool and to move air around.
  5. During the summer it’s a great idea to turn the temperature down on your hot water heater as well as take cold or lukewarm showers rather than hot ones. While we’re on the subject of showers it may be worth considering installing a tankless water heater in your home as it will only heat water as needed rather than a tank that keeps water hot all day long even when you don’t need it.
  6. While this will save you money all year (instead of just in summer) installing the new, more energy efficient light bulbs that are on the market is a great idea. The use much less energy and last a lot longer which, in the long run, will save you money.
  7. Before summer really kicks in have your entire HVAC system checked and, if needed, serviced.
  8. Any and all air-conditioning pipes that you have that are exposed should be sealed and/or insulated, especially if they run through the attic. There is no sense in cooling that part of the house although having an attic fan and evacuating that heat there will definitely keep the house cooler.
  9. Depending on the amount of shade that your house is provided from trees you will absolutely want to make sure that you use curtains on any windows that are exposed to the sun for more than a few minutes during the day. This will keep heat from entering into the house and increasing the amount of air conditioning that you need.
  10. Finally, if it isn’t brutally hot where you live you should consider spending more time outside than in. The fact is, summertime is made for enjoying the outdoors and if you spend all day long inside in the air-conditioning it’s actually not that healthy.

If you use these 10 excellent tips you will definitely save money this summer and, quite frankly, it’s not that big of a challenge to do. Please come back and visit us sometime very soon as will be giving you more tips on energy-saving, saving on gasoline, saving on transportation and many other great blog articles.  See you then!