When looking to get money out of our possessions we are usually left disappointed and the hopes of getting a huge payday has quickly gone out the window.  Before you go planning your next big purchase with your proceeds, take a look at four items that are probably not worth as much money as you hope.

Your Home

Sure the economy is rebounding and home values are on the rise again, but just because values are increasing does not mean it may be worth what you think.  According to a recent study by the Journal of Housing Economics, homeowners typically overestimate their property by 8%.  Whether it is the emotional attachment homeowners have with their home, or the thought that renovations or upgrades would net more return could be leading factors.  This is another reason not to let your credit get killed over late mortgage payments either. Sometimes renting a home is more worth it than buying one, but people are so caught up in owning real estate they fail to realize what they can actually afford. Don’t forget what a foreclosure on credit report scores can do to your ability to take out a loan when you actually can afford to take the plunge.

Baseball Cards

I remember having a whole collection of Ken Griffey Jr. baseball cards when I was a kid, putting his rookie card into hard plastic, being told to hang on to it, do not touch it, as it will be worth money someday.  The truth is, now that I have boxes of baseball and hockey cards stacked in my closet for no good reason other to collect dust, they are not worth any money.  Cards are only worth as much as someone wants to pay for it, so if there is a market for particular rare and rookie cards that you might have, other than that, I am sorry to say they are not worth much.


I watch the pawn shows on TV where the customer comes in demanding thousands of dollars for their grandmother’s ring only to find out that it was worth nothing but a memory.  Jewelry is tough to get what you paid for it, let alone what you are expecting to return.  Figure if you pay $5,000 for an engagement ring, you would be lucky to get back half of that in return if you tried to sell it.


The old saying that once you drive it off the lot it loses value is absolutely true.  There is such a population of cars on the market, that unless you have a highly collectable car, it will never appreciate in value, and you will be lucky to get anything but a donation by the time you pay off the entire car loan and drive it around for a bit without a car payment.