Everyone is feeling the financial pinch over the last few years as gas prices have risen steadily towards an astounding $5.00 per gallon. That has given incentive to millions of drivers to look for gas-saving alternatives like smaller cars, hybrids and so forth.  But some people need to use a big pick-up truck for work and don’t have any way to get around that fact.  Many of the same people tow a trailer with their tools also, spending big bucks at the tank. This prompted us to put together a Blog on the Top 8  ways to get better mileage from your pick-up truck, which you can read below.  Enjoy!

1) Maintain your truck properly and regularly. Just like a car a pick-up truck will run better and use less gas if it’s running at peak performance. Oil changes, tire pressure and other maintenance tasks that are routinely performed will save you money at the pump.

2) Make sure that your pick-up is aerodynamic.  This means installing a bed cover when possible to reduce drag.  It also means taking off roof racks when they aren’t being used.

3) Use cruise control. Sounds silly but a change of speed of only 5 miles up or down but constantly can use up to 10% more gas.  Use your cruise and save gas, especially on long trips.

4) Speaking of gas, unless you have a high performance truck or the manufacturer recommends it you can use regular. It’s the cheapest by far and won’t have a noticeable difference on performance, we promise.

5) Don’t idle when you can turn off the engine. Idling for only 5 minutes a day will use a gallon of gas a week. If you’re stopped and it’s not deathly cold outside turn off your engine.  It’s good for the planet too.

6) Plan your route. If you take 6 small trips and make them into 1 big trip you’ll not only save gas you’ll save time and energy too.

7) Use the AC sparingly. Your truck uses more gas when the ACs running. If you don’t really need it turn it off and save gas. Park in the shade when you can and leave the windows open a crack on sunny days to keep it from getting too hot.

8) Lighten the load.  Sure you need your tools but, when you don’t, take them out of your truck and you’ll save gas and wear and tear on the entire vehicle.

There you go.  8 ways that you can start using less gas and saving more money when you drive a pick-up truck.  We hope you liked them and that they help you save a few bucks this year and into the future.