OK, without much preamble let’s get right into this one; lots of ways to save money on your energy bill. Some require a small investment in time or money but most are easy and will start saving you on your very next electric bill.


Let’s start with the Dishwasher, a favorite of families big and small but a real electric wasting monster.  First, pre rinsing is not necessary and wastes electric and water. Most newer machines are powerful enough that this step is not necessary. Also, don’t let the dishwasher heat your dishes dry, ever.  When the load is done crack the door open and let them air dry.

On to the Oven, a natural gas and electricity waster if there ever was one.  It’s vital that you match the pot size to the burner size.  If the burner is big and the pot small all your energy is being completely wasted. Also, the flame should be centered on the pot so that all the energy goes into cooking. If your stove is electric turn it off a few minutes before you’re done as it will continue to cook your food even after it’s turned off. If you have a crockpot use it, as 1 hour of oven time is equal to 7 hours of crockpot time!

The Refrigerator is literally a big energy consumer.  Keep it full at all times to reduce energy usage, clear away frost before it becomes unruly and for goodness sake make sure it seals properly.

As for your Washing Machine if it’s more than 10 years old you really need to get a new one.  The energy efficient models will save you a ton of energy and water.  Using cold water for all loads is vital also.  There’s almost no need to use hot water ever when washing your clothes.

Dryers are convenient, to be sure, but if you have the option to hang and air dry your clothes you will save a lot of money. Check and clean the lint catcher after every single use also if you do use it

Your Furnace needs to be maintained and the filters cleaned at least every 3 months or you’re going to waste energy. Dirty filters = wasted energy.

Using Ceiling Fans instead of AC in the summer will save you big bucks. They’re cheap to buy and easy to install too, and actually healthier than AC.

If you have a leaky Toilet you’re wasting a TON of water every single day.  A toilet repair kit is less than the cost of 1 month’s water leakage so fix that leak ASAP.

Finally there’s your Chimney.  Like a hole in a boat your chimney is letting heated or cooled air escape every single day.  If you’re not using it close the flue at least and consider investing in a draft stopper right away.