Remodeling your kitchen with granite countertops, custom- made cabinets, hardwood floors, and professional stainless steel appliances can be quite enticing, but can you afford it? The national average for a minor kitchen remodel is $18,550, and for a major remodel, a whopping $54,000.  These numbers can seem quite scary to most families, but there are few different ways to save money while remodeling, to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Acting as your own general contractor during a remodel can save you 20-30% of your remodel cost.  Being your own GC requires good organizational skills, the willingness to ask questions, and the ability to solve problems and properly manage money. Though it may seem like a lot of extra work, the money saved can certainly make it worth it for the penny pincher.

In addition to taking on the role as general contractor, doing some of the work yourself can save a tremendous amount of money.  You don’t have to be a contractor by trade to have the ability to take on many DIY projects throughout your remodel.  There are lots of tutorial videos online that can offer step-by-step directions to complete just about any project.  Take advantage of the expertise of friends and family members who are willing to share their skills or trade labor. Though it is definitely advantageous to complete some of your remodel on your own, don’t get yourself in over your head.  Taking on a job that you can’t handle can end up costing you big money in the end.

Save more money on your next remodel by re-evaluating your materials.  Granite is beautiful, but is it in your budget?  Try a low expensive alternative like Silestone that doesn’t stain, is heat resistant, and still looks gorgeous.  Hardwood floors are elegant and classy, but can also break the budget.  Laminate, engineered wood, or porcelain planks can all be great alternatives that can lower the price of your remodel. Lastly, shop around for sales and promotions on high-quality appliances.  Home Depot is currently offering an online sale of up to 20% on appliances.  These kinds of deals can really make a difference in the overall cost of your project.

With a budget, a plan, and a little research, your next kitchen remodel can be a real success.  Take the time to implement these money saving tips, and you’ll see great results without breaking the bank.