With the advent of the internet and all of the opportunities that is has produced for interesting careers many people aren’t staying in their 1st profession their entire life anymore, something that used to be the norm only a generation ago.  If you’re keen on changing careers but aren’t sure which ones are the best this Blog article is for you because we’ve put together a list of them.  Many require only 2 years of extra training and none of them require a Ph.D. even though they can be quite lucrative.  Enjoy!

It is estimated that Interpreting and Translation jobs will skyrocket in the next 8 years, growing at an incredible rate of 42%.  Demand for Arabic and East Asian languages is the highest as well as the languages that are most frequently translated like English, Spanish and American Sign Language.  If you have strong language skills and already know a foreign language well many businesses will provide on the job training.

Outsourcing person-to-person patient care is very difficult and, for this reason, Nursing will be big into the future.  The fact that the American and world population is aging quickly means that healthcare in general is going to be booming but nurses have a number of perks that many other health care professionals do not like flexible hours, good benefits and the ability to take their skills anywhere without worrying about leaving patients without a Doctor.

Another sector that is looking at explosive growth is Web and Software Development, which is expected to see growth between 20 to 30% by 2020.  The average salary in the industry is also around $90,000.00 which is a nice living. Depending on what you want to do and where you’d like to work the schooling may be vastly different but in this industry there are many that never even went to college that have done quite well.  (Anyone heard of Steve Jobs?)

Of course if there was ever a reason to quit your job and head out on your own it’s got to be the Entrepreneurship bug.  Today, with the internet giving many opportunities and franchises plentiful there are plenty of ways and means to start a new business on your own and become your own boss. Yes there are risks and challenges and due diligence is necessary to make sure that what you’re planning will be able to replace your present income but owning your own business is extremely rewarding and a very viable option.

Lastly there’s Engineering.  Yes, this one may mean a few years of school but, in fact, many military personnel can easily transition into an engineering job if they have done something similar while serving because often times they possess highly technical skills.

And there you have them.  We hope you’ve seen something you like and, if you did, good luck with your future endeavors.