Besides housing and transportation, food costs are one of the highest expenses that most people have. One of the problems that this causes is that many people try to save money by buying cheap food or fast food and this can have a very adverse effect on one’s health. That’s why we put together this 2 part blog, because we know that there are many ways to save on food costs but still provide yourself and your family a nutritious, healthy diet. With that in mind, let’s get started looking at some of the best money-saving food ideas. Enjoy.

One of the best ways to save money on your groceries is to plan your grocery shopping trips in advance. Yes, we know it’s a bit tedious but we’re talking about saving money on food and eating healthy at the same time and it’s hard to do that without expending a little bit of effort. The fact is, if you create a detailed shopping list it’s based on specific needs that you are going to have in the coming week you will generally purchase less and thus spend less.

Before you  head to the grocery store make sure to eat a snack so that, when you’re there shopping, you aren’t hungry. Studies have shown that hungry people purchase more food and make more impulse buying choices than people who shop when they’re not hungry.

As far as the actual food that you purchase is concerned, eating healthier foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and so forth will definitely save you money in the now because generally speaking they are cheaper than processed foods. They will also save you money in the future on healthcare costs because whole foods are nutritious as opposed to foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar that can damage your health and cause health problems that will inevitably cost you money down the road.

Reducing the amount of junk foods that you buy will definitely save you money at the grocery store. In this case we’re actually not talking about the health damaging aspects of junk food but just the fact that many junk food items are quite expensive. A large bag of potato chips for example is more expensive than a large bunch of grapes or many other healthy snacks.

Replacing soda and other flavored drinks with less expensive sparkling water that you mix with a bit of fruit juice is an excellent way to cut down on costs while at the same time  cutting down on sugar, one of the most health damaging ingredients to be found and the entire food kingdom. Cutting down on sugar will also help you to lose weight and can actually reduce your hunger, both of which are very healthy for your body and your wallet.

Another excellent way to save money is to buy produce only when it’s in season. For example, corn on the cob during the winter months can be ridiculously expensive while during the summer, when it is abundant in most areas of the United States, the price is going to drop significantly. This is true of just about every type of fresh fruit and vegetable in the grocery store. One of the reasons for this is the reduced shipping costs to bring the produce to market because it’s being grown close by.

Using coupons, while many think it’s an excellent way to save money, can sometimes actually be more detrimental to your health because of the fact that most items that are sold using coupons are processed foods which aren’t all that nutritious. Of course there are sometimes exceptions to that rule like when fresh fruit or produce  are put on sale in your local paper’s coupon section, but generally speaking it’s best to just check your grocery store aisles every time you shop if you’re looking for good deals.

These tips should give you a great start on saving money went food shopping. We hope you enjoyed and found a few that you can use the next time you’re at the grocery store.  We hope to see you back here soon for part 2. Until then, bon appétit.