Welcome to my Monday Fun Day round up!  This is a look back at the past weeks hidden (or not so hidden) gems by the best personal finance bloggers in the blogosphere.  Enjoy!

If I had extra cash, would I pay down debt, or invest in myself first?  Good question.  Stop by Edward Antrobus for his take…

 Vacations are typically carefree and worry free…but there are still some things you should remember prior to departure.  Read up at Money Life and More.  I’m leaving for my honeymoon at the end of this month so I better heed the advice.

 Find out 4 easy ways to cut your cable bill at Finance Yoga.  My fiance won’t let me switch to dish, so I guess I better read up.

Blogging is a profitable and fun venture for me, so I try and pay attention to the do’s and don’ts whenever I start a new sites.  Jai Catalano has some friendly advice on things you should watch out for.

Most of us love our mothers, after all they cared for us and taught us quite a bit about life.  Marissa @ Thirty Six Months provides us with an article on 5 money saving life tips from her mother.