I’ve been telling just about everyone I know, for as long as I can remember, that buying from an online retailer can save you a lot of time and money!  Rarely do these people actually listen to me, but I promise you I put my money where my mouth is.  I have been using online retailers at an increasing rate, and I have been reaping many financial benefits in the process.  I purchased my last two televisions from an online retailer, one of my wife’s watches, the last couple pairs of shoes, and even a diamond!

The benefits are near endless, but consider some of the more prominent reasons to purchase from an online retailer as opposed to a store.  Time is money, everybody knows that and lives that motto.  Online shopping allows the consumer to seek out the lowest prices from the comfort of their chair, and they can do it within a fraction of the time it takes to physically visit brick and mortar locations.  Also, the product can be delivered right to your doorstep, and often times companies are willing to do so free of charge.  I had a 50lb. television set delivered to my doorstep and carried into my family room all without being charged a dime. 

I’m not a fan of clipping coupons and handing them out a cash register at the store.  However, a quick Google search of any online retailer will more often than not bring up multiple coupon codes for my use.  I simply input the code and presto, I save 25% off something I was going to already purchase. 

Your purchases are often times tax free! If the company doesn’t have a brick and mortar establishment within your home state then chances are they aren’t required to collect taxes on  behalf of that state.  In Michigan for example, this saves 6% off of every purchase.  California tried to put a recent stop to this activity with Amazon, but then Amazon simply pulled their business out of the state…I haven’t seen any other states attempt the same since.