Entrepreneurship takes many different forms. From international companies to small, local businesses and everything in between there are literally thousands of new business ideas created every day. Some of them are amazingly successful and some of them much more modest but, if you have the entrepreneur bug and don’t mind working hard now for a (possible) big payoff later there are plenty of ideas out there that you can try.

In the pet industry for example there are many opportunities, especially when you consider that people spend billions of dollars on their beloved pets every year.  One of the best that we have come across is the Pet Taxi service, where you offer to pick up someone’s dog, cat or other pet for veterinarian or grooming appointments. Depending on where you live and how dense the pet population this could be very profitable and the insurance rates are practically nil.

Staying with the pet theme there’s also a traveling pet grooming service.  Going to the owner’s home instead of them having to come to you is a service that many would gladly pay a premium for. The initial investment here would be a bit greater for the van and equipment but the profit margin would be quite high too.

Higher end luxury items are always in demand in the bigger metro areas and one idea that we’ve seen that really floats our boat is a Champagne and Chocolate delivery service.  Throw in chocolate covered strawberries and some other decadent items and you’d have a winner for sure, especially around the holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so forth.

While we’re on the subject of food a there’s the idea of delivering gourmet food baskets, pre-made meals and even DIY food making kits like cheese, beer and wine. You’d need the food expertise to start this one but, if you kept it local, the investment cost would be quite low.

While not particularly health conscious this next idea is really a good one; a mobile smoking lounge for people at parties, functions and even big businesses that have a smoking ban. In California there’s a company called CigaRV that has a 26 foot long, fully decked-out RV that offers lounge seating, big-screen TVs and mobility to people who like to smoke but can’t do it where they are for whatever reason.

If you are looking for a small business idea that you can start on the cheap all you really need to do is surf the net and take a look around.  Type in ‘small business ideas’ and you’ll see a vast wealth of ideas that you can use or modify to get your own business off the ground.  Keep an open mind and good luck!