I am a Michigander born and raised.  I love this state, but the long winters really take a toll on our attitudes around here.  It’s hard to deal with what feels like 6 months of freezing cold winters, so we really look forward to the sunshine and warmth for the few months that we get it.  That being said, the summers do come with headaches every year, especially for those of us that own a home.  The one positive aspect of winter is that it hides and masks all of the upkeep that is needed during the nicer parts of the year.  I’m by no means a handy-man or Mr. Fix-It, so I tend to outsource the summer chores as much as possible.

It was just last year that I learned to turn on my own sprinkler systems!  But I used to pay $30 to have a company come out and basically flip a couple switches over a 5 minutes, and get my sprinklers going for the summer.  Fortunately, one year they were extra slow in coming out and I YouTubed the procedure, which turned out to be easy even for someone not so handy as myself.  While $30 isn’t a ton of money, it’s just another cost of many that come in the summer months.

I am a big fan of BBQ’ing!  But that just means I need to take the cover off the grill that has been stagnating for several months and give it a deep clean.  While annoying, that doesn’t really cost me much other than cleaning supplies.  However, the couple of propane tanks I go through each year does cost me some bucks.  It’s well worth it in the end, but just another additional expense that I need to consider.

Having a nice lawn is visually appealing, and keeps my neighbors happy, but it isn’t as easy as it looks.  This is probably my single biggest expense of the season, and to be quite honest I don’t get all that much enjoyment out of it.  I need to keep a couple mixtures of gas and oil on hand for the edger, mower, and weed wacker at all times.  Also, I am unable to keep my lawn up all by myself, so I pay a company to come out each month and spray the grounds with weed killer and fertilizer, which also costs some money as well.  I don’t think my lawn would even be alive today unless I did this each year, and it probably sets me back $300 for the whole season.

I know it seems like I’m complaining, and I’m really not!  I love the summer, and I wouldn’t trade the nice weather for anything, but I’m stating the facts of life…