Welcome to my Sunday Fun Day round up!  This is a look back at the past weeks hidden (or not so hidden) gems by the best personal finance bloggers in the blogosphere.  Enjoy!

Stop by Smart on Money to read about asset building before you retire.  With social security on its way out the door, building your assets is more important than ever.

Wanna know about President Obama’s tax return? I sure did!  If your curious, stop by Taxes and Stuff to get the low down.

iHeartBudgets provides us with the distinction between being broke and being poor.  Read up, it’s important you don’t the two confused.

According to the Frugal Toad, frugal living isn’t all that hard.  Read up on this article that will provide some easy money saving tips.

Work Save Live asks, what phase of investing are you in?  Read up and find out, it determines everything from what you invest in, to how its allocated.