As winter quickly approaches many people are worried about the cold to come and the propane and natural gas bill increase that will come with it. Below we’ve outlined a number of things that you can do to cut back on your use of both of these forms of energy and save some money while you still keep toasty warm inside the house.

1) Turn down the thermostat.  OK, this seems like a no-brainer but there are still some people that like to feel like they’re in the Tropics and this is just a huge energy waster. The simple fact is that for every degree you lower your ‘stat’ you’ll save 5% on your heating costs and that can add up to some big bucks.

2) Speaking of the thermostat set it to 55 at night and you’ll save up to 20% on your bill.  Sure you’ll need some extra blankets but there will also be more reason to snuggle with your mate so it’s a win-win!

3) Wear warmer clothes indoors.  This is another seemingly obvious bit of advice but one that is unheeded by  many.  Put on a sweater and some long johns if you’re cold or even do some jumping jacks.  You’ll save money, save gas and propaneand get in shape!

4) Reduce the temperature of your hot water heater to 120 degrees F or less and insulate your hot water heater and the 1st five feet of pipe that come out of the top of it.  If there is more than 5 feet of exposed pipe before it enters the wall insulate all of it. You can easily purchase pipe insulation at your local home improvement store and insulating it, insulating the heater itself and turning down the temp will save you up to 11% on your gas  / propane bill.

5) Speaking of the hot water heater if you don’t have one that’s energy start rated or your furnace doesn’t have this rating you should consider replacing them.  The investment is well worth it and will save you money on your gas or propane bill for years to come. Look for a heater of furnace that has a high energy factor (EF) for the most savings.

6) Make sure that all your windows and door are well insulated.  If you have single pane windows a switch to double pane will be a big investment but a worthwhile one for years to come.

If you implement all of these tips you could save up to 30% on your gas or propane bill this winter, a savings that should make you feel all warm inside all winter long.