Vehicle leasing has often been thought of a consumer purchase only, and most don’t consider the business aspect of leasing.  I have leased vehicles my entire life, but it wasn’t until after I graduated from college and began working at large corporations that I realized just how vast vehicle leasing has truly become.  Vehicle leasing is an important part of corporate strategy that allows a company to acquire cars while conserving cash.  In any corporation cash is king!  That being said, it’s important to have as much free cash flow as possible at all times.  For small to mid-sized businesses a car can be a very expensive undertaking, but leasing a vehicle can be a manageable monthly payment they can make with ease.  Most companies with a large sales force will opt for leasing.  Your “feet on the street” need transportation 24/7 and most of the time they spend their week traveling.  If you forced your employees to drive their own vehicles you would have a hard time finding quality workers.

You may find yourself wondering why a larger company wouldn’t simply purchase the vehicles outright.  Again, large or small, cash is king to every company!  Cash is used for capital improvements, acquiring and expanding business, manufacturing improvements, expanding human capital, etc.  Tying your money up in depreciating assets is not a wise financial decision.  With vehicle leasing you are essentially borrowing the car and using it to the point at which it no longer has a useful life.  I will admit that vehicle leasing is a bit more expensive for businesses rather than for individual consumers.  This is because of the mileage that companies require from their employees.  The wear and tear tends to fall well outside the typical range that a consumer would experience.

Lastly, finding a safe and secure company to lease your vehicle from is just about the most important part.  Check out this site,, they have all the information you will need to figure out how to lease your next vehicle.  Consider it one-stop shopping for all things leases.  They have an informative blog, contact section, and the various options available to you.  When choosing a leasing company you want reputation first!  After reputation it is important to consider cost and availability.  If you own a business I strongly recommend that you consider your leasing options today, your wallet will thank you for it.